Thursday, August 6, 2009

I cannot make this shit up.

An actual instant messenger conversation that happened between me and Sassypants just now. She is known for her book smarts, not her common sense smarts. Every so often, she provides me with a story to make fun of her until she dies. This is one of them. (I still love you, though, Sassy...)

**Back story: a high school classmate of ours lost his leg in Iraq. She must have been looking at his facebook profile or something when she had a lightbulb go off.**

Sassypants: do you think *classmate's name*'s kids have legs?

Me: um

Sassypants: well he's missing one

Long pause in IM conversation

Me: I wasn't away from my computer that long, I was just staring at it to figure out if you were serious
Me: and I see you are
Me: so I'll say, yes, Amber, they have legs
Me: Losing legs in a war is not genetic.

Sassypants: but it's possilble that they don't

Me: Again, pausing.

Sassypants: I'll just go look at his pictures

Me: Ok, yes, it is POSSIBLE they don't due to a birth defect, but just because he doesn't have a leg (that he lost in war) does not mean that his kids won't have them.

Sassypants: they do, in fact, have legs

Me: I am totally posting this on my blog.

Sassypants: what?

Me: This IM conversation

Sassypants: is this funny?

Me: Are you delusional? Of course it's funny. Just like you asking where the homecoming game was going to be.

Sassypants: I see what you're saying
Sassypants: that the leg thing can't be passed on genetically
Sassypants: but he lost his leg BEFORE they were born

Me: Would you ever think of asking anyone that had a baby if their kid had both legs?

Sassypants: well no
Sassypants: I would just look at it

Me: **crickets**

Sassypants: moving on

Me: I see this conversation going nowhere fast.


Courtney said...

You two are awesome.

Lin said...

lol...that's pretty damn funny. I totally have those 'airhead' moments too so I totally feel for her :)

Samsmama said...

Holy shit, that's funny! And the fact that she's a nursing student makes it down right hilarious!

calicobebop said...

Holy Cow - are you sure this conversation didn't happen with me? I'm equally clueless sometimes... LOL!

CrazyAssMomma said...

thats AWESOME.

Shana said...

yep, funnyfunny

Crystal said...

so if i cut ryan's penis off, does that mean we'll have a girl?

Candice said...

That's classic!

One time I asked a waiter how many shrimp were in a half dozen.

In my defense, I was only in high school at the time. ;)

Brian said...

That is hilarious...