Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Miss Priss!!

6 years ago today, I was in labor for the second time in 10 days, wishing the day would end... That's a long faded memory now, thank goodness. Can't believe my baby is already 6 years old... time flies. We're having her party tomorrow, so I'll have some new pics up next week but until then...

This is her standing next to an ass (hehe) two years ago at her birthday party (at a farm, not my house... I may live in Texas, but there's no asses in my backyard. Unless BF is back there). She wouldn't take off the tiara all day, in classic MP style. I just love this pic.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new addition to my family. No, I'm not pregnant!

MP's birthday is tomorrow, and I still have no idea what to get her. The kid has three of everything. So she might be spoiled, what about it??

BF brought over his gift to her last night... a new puppy!! I was quite skeptical of this, and have been going over the pros and cons for weeks now, but BF convinced me that every kid needs a pet, and I finally caved.

He called me yesterday to tell me he picked the puppy up (a beagle/poodle mix), and also bought everything she'd need (food, treats, bowls, a crate, etc.). He even bought her a pink and white polka dot collar!! The boy knows me well. He didn't want to wait until Friday to give it to her, so he decided to do it last night. He called as he was pulling in the neighborhood and asked me to have her sit on the living room floor and blindfold her so he could surprise her. I did as I was told, and when he got there he had a disposable camera wound and ready to go, with the flash on, so I could take pictures. (I know this sounds hella 1995, but my digital camera crapped out on me, so we made do with what we could.) What a thoughtful boyfriend. :)

So, MP is sitting there and he lets the puppy go, and she runs right up to MP and starts licking her on the face. MP starts freaking out, laughing, and immediately starts rolling on the floor with the puppy. She was so excited, and I got a lot of great pictures (I hope).

BF and I sit MP down to explain her new responsibilities. She was pretty distracted with the puppy, but I think she got the gist of everything. I told her we needed a name for the pup, and she immediately says "Bella". So Bella it is. I'm glad she didn't rattle off Hannah Montana or Sharpay (from High School Musical, if you're lucky enough to not know who that is).

The night went pretty well, except for my lack of sleep. I had to let her out at 2AM wearing nothing but a ZZ Top t-shirt and a thong, but really, what neighbors are up at 2AM on Thursday morning? Guess I'm going to have to start sleeping in clothes. But that's beside the point. I went back to bed and let her sleep with us, since I have to crate her during the day and don't want to keep her in there at night too. Probably not the best idea, since she kept me up until 4:30 with her doggy dreams, but oh well. We're all adjusting, so I figure it will get better with time.

Then, this morning as we were about to leave, I hear MP from her room... "Bella, that's not very ladylike!" Turns out she pooped right in the middle of her floor. And so life with a puppy begins...

I'll post the pictures as soon as I go down to the store and get them developed. I'm so old-skool!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Miss Priss Withdrawls - and a little ranting.

I'm having serious cuddlebug withdrawls. I need my little one back, stat! Her dad lives three hours away from here, and during her spring break she went to stay with him. She's been gone since last Friday, and won't be back until tomorrow night or Sunday. I should be used to this, for her whole life whenever she'd go to her daddy's she would stay at least 4 days, sometimes up to 2 weeks, because he rarely got her and I would let her stay a little longer. Now that she's in school though, she obviously can't go as often. I'm not driving an hour and a half to meet on a Friday night just to turn around Sunday morning to do the same thing. He never calls and asks to get her anyway, so this works out for all involved (except probably the most important person involved, MISS PRISS). I'm just so happy that MP doesn't seem to realize the lack of communication on her dad's part...yet. I'm sure it will happen in the next few years, and when that day comes I know that I can say I've done everything that I could to make him part of her life. I think she'll figure everything out on her own, and it makes me unbelievably sad to think of her being hurt. But it's his loss... he's the one losing out on daily recounts of what happened at school, how her friends are, what she's learning, and even how her birthday was. Yeah, he didn't even call her last year on her birthday, actually nobody from his family did. I cried for her, even though she didn't realize he hadn't called. And when she did ask me why her dad didn't call her on her birthday a few days later, I lied for her dad and said he did but I forgot to tell her. I won't be doing that again. I understand he's got a wife and two kids in San Antonio with him, but he constantly forgets about his first born baby girl, and soon she'll be in the know enough to not want anything to do with him. Again... his loss. I just can't imagine NOT wanting to spend every second with this precious girl!

Enough of the ranting... it's Friday! Two days of weekend coming up, yay!

**UPDATE, 1 hour after posting: texted babydaddy's wife (the only one I communicate with, funny huh... I never even talk to him about arrangements anymore because he doesn't have his shit together); trying to find out when the hell I can get her back bc they never responded before... she asks if we can do it Sunday because babydaddy has been out of town all week for training in my hometown. WHAT.THE.FUCK. Why the hell did MP even go then? Mood: back to pissed off. It will be a long ass time before I let her go again... turns out she was at a babysitter's house for the whole week. She could have done that here. On the bright side, babydaddy finally got a job after 5 years so maybe my child support can return to consistent instead of wondering when and if I'm going to get it...

OK, think I'm really done now. At least I hope so.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Interview with the spawn

Answered by Miss Priss, age 5 (well, 6 in 2 weeks...). Answers are exactly as she quoted them.

1. What is something mom always says to you?
I love you.

2. What makes mom happy?

3. What makes mom sad?
When I act mean and bad and when someone stole something that was yours (I have no idea what she's talking about on the last part)

4. How does your mom make you laugh?
You do funny stuff and squeeze that butt. (Squeeze that butt is how I wake her up in the morning, she has a tushie that just needs to be squeezed sometimes!)

5. What was your mom like as a child?
You were always being silly and you had fun at recess.

6. How old is your mom?
28 (She usually says 58 so I'll take this answer!)

7. How tall is your mom?
20 feet long (oh dear)

8. What is her favorite thing to do?
Play with me and spend time with me and Jered.

9. What does your mom do when you're not around?
You just go to your friends and hang out and you go on a field trip with your friends like to the river.

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
Because you sing good and because youre the most talented girl I've ever met. (Singing, no way)

11. What is your mom really good at?
You are really really really good at going to nap. (Ha, I love to sleep, what can I say?)

12. What is your mom not very good at?
Letting me play with my friends. (Seeing as she only wants to run around with boys that are 4 years older, I'll say I guess I'm not good at letting her play with her friends!)

13. What does your mom do for a job?
Work at *insert correct name of company I work for here*. (Very good!)

14.What is your mom's favorite food?
I would really say fried chicken. (Nope, but I am a Southern girl and love my fried foods.)

15.What makes you proud of your mom?
Because what you do for me.

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
SpongeBob. (I don't see the resemblance?)

17. What do you and your mom do together?
Sometimes we play games.

18. How are you and your mom the same?
Because we're both talented and we both like boys. (Niiiice. I'm in for some serious shit in her teenage years.)

19. How are you and your mom different?
We don't have the same hair cause yours is brown and blonde and mine is brown.

20. How do you know your mom loves you?
Because you spend time with me.

21. Where is your mom's favorite place to go?
To the river. (10-4, little one!)

When I told her that was the end, she said she wished there was more. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Yep, it's definitely Monday.

This morning I overslept, then MP also fell back to sleep after I woke her up, making me late.

Shattered my driver's side rearview mirror of my car as I was backing out of my garage this morning, trying to figure out why my babysitter wasn't answering her phone. My dumb ass hit the side of the garage backing up. My own fault for not paying attention, but WTF!

Babysitter wasn't awake when I went to drop MP off this morning, therefore I had to park and go in her house and wake her up (I have a key, I didn't break in).

Aforementioned parking-and-going-inside makes me 5 more minutes late.

Disabled vehicle on the side of the road on the way to work, causing everyone to rubberneck and make me even more late.

Get to work and park in the garage. Take a look at the rearview mirror and determine it's probably going to cost an assload of money to fix it, as the electric motor isn't working either.

Get in my office and realize I have 4 expense reports and three foreign visa applications and one passport request to do RIGHT NOW. (But I just finished them, thank GOD).

I need to go home and get in bed with a glass of wine. I just might do it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

See, even a pessimist can be grateful!

Reading over some of my bloggyspace friends' blogs, I decided to follow suit and write about things I'm grateful for. Yeah, this is kind of out of character for me, since I'm pretty much a glass-half-empty kinda gal, but I do know I am a lucky girl in a lot of ways. It could be worse, a lot worse...

My daughter (of course)
I know that I wasn't ready to have her when I did, and there were a lot (A LOT) of struggles during pregnancy, birth, and raising her so far... but I wouldn't go back and change a thing. She's independent, witty, smart, and an all around good kid , and I know that there are a lot of single moms out there that struggle much worse than me. A good thing about her growing up the way she has is that she adapts to new things very well, and flourishes. No way could I have ever done that, growing up in my sheltered two parent stable household. Of course, she has her days, as we all do, but those days pale in comparison to the days where she draws me a picture with two stick figures and I LUV MOMMY on it, and offers to unload the dishwasher because "mommy looks tired". It's the little things...

My job
I'm lucky to just have one. And from the looks of things, I'll have one for a while, since my company is actively HIRING instead of doing layoffs. There are things that happen on an hourly basis that piss me off to no end, but hey, I get to go home to a nice house with electricity and water, food stocked in the fridge, and have some extra money to unwind with friends on the weekends, so I really have no reason to complain. I know there are people out there who are stressing about their wife and kids to support with no job, and that put things right back into perspective when I'm bitching about the asshole who treats me like I'm his personal servant. There are lots of people out there that would jump at the chance to be the Italian asshole's personal servant.

My bed
Yes, my bed. You have no idea. I am so freaking grateful to have the big, comfy, soft, king size bed with fluffy pillows and a warm comforter and soft sheets. I would live in that bitch if I could. TM can relate to me on this one.

Friends and boyfriend
I'm so lucky to have the people in my life that I do. I've lost touch with a lot of old friends over the years, the ones that I swore would be bridesmaids in my wedding and I would be there at their kids' births... but people change, and instead of being sad over friendships fading away, I am happy for the ones that have remained strongly intact. I'm lucky to have three best friends as well, Matter of Fact Mommy! My brother, my girl KG, and of course, TM. I know that no matter what problem I have, I can turn to any one of them and they can help me fix it (or they can just fix me a strong drink, and I'll forget about the problem, ha.) And then there's BF... we were friends with benefits for almost a year before we started dating, and I never thought anything would come out of our situation other than what it was. But now we've been officially together for 8 months and he really makes me happier than I thought he ever could. Letting someone in your life when you have a child is one of the hardest things to do, and he's the first guy that MP has ever known I was dating. Although he annoys me to no end and is emotionally retarded sometimes (I say that in the nicest way possible, ha), he shows he cares in little ways that nobody but me gets to see, and I think that's one of the best things about him. He cares about MP just as much as he cares about me, and watching him with her truly makes me melt.

The weekends
How could I leave that out!? Some people have to WORK on the weekends... but I get those two glorious days that I can spend with all the things I'm grateful for. :)