Friday, October 23, 2009

I got tagged twice. Hee hee.

So, in the past couple of days I've been tagged on a couple of blogs. It must mean I'm awesome. Ok, well, that's how I'm taking it anyway. Most people would do these seperately, but I'm a busy gal so I'm combining them. I'm all about shortcuts.

First up: Kelly nominated me as a Kreativ Blogger, and I'm super honored (I love her blog, and finally committed as a follower recently, after stalking her blog for a few months). Although the misspelling of 'creative' in this award does bug me quite a bit, as I am pretty much a stickler for correct grammar. I hate those people on facebook who can't spell and are in graduate school, or those who STILL don't get the difference between THERE, THEY'RE, and THIER, and YOUR and YOU'RE. And people who spell refrigerator with a "d" between the I and G. I'm always the asshole who writes a comment correcting them, like I'm their high school English teacher.

Oh, right... Kreativ Blogger award. Sorry.

What I'm supposed to do is write 7-10 facts about me then pass the “Kreativ Blogger’ award on to other favorite bloggers of mine. I've done one similar to this before, but I'll try to think of some other stuff. I'm not THAT interesting, yo. Here goes:

1. I'm a grammar nazi. You probably have already figured that out by the ramblings in the beginning of this post. No further explanation should be necessary.

2. I was on an episode of America's Funniest Home Videos before. In high school drill team before halftime, we'd go to the side of the football field and stretch before performing. I would always get my friend to hook my shoelace above my head to the fence above me (my back was against the fence), and that way I could keep my leg stretched for a while. I flexed my foot and my shoelace broke, making my leg snap down and smack my friend in the face... all while my mom was filming. She sent in the tape, and they actually put it on air. We didn't win any money though. :(

3. I have a MASSIVE crush on Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. I've been in love with him since I was 9. That's twenty years, folks. I literally almost started crying both times in the past year when I saw NKOTB in concert when he came on stage. We also share a birthday, so I really feel this is the universe's way of telling me we're meant to be together.

4. I have an abnormal memory for dates and events that have happened in the past. Sassy always asks me when something happened because I can always remember the date. The latest one was when her last period was and I replied, "Well, it was the week before your hubby's birthday party, which fell on September 26th, so I would say you started around September 20th or so." Which helped her determine exactly how far along in her pregnancy she is. Ask me any date of a weekend night in the past year or so, and I can figure out where I was and who I was with. It's kinda weird, and not a notably cool thing, but I'm running out of interesting facts, people.

5. I'm on Facebook about 5 of the 8 hours I'm at work. I have a major obsession. I need an intervention, for real.

6. I'm really scared that I'm screwing my kid up by not having a "normal" family life for her. She seems well adjusted and all, but I can just see us in 10 years in a psychologist's office and all her problems stemming from living with her single mom for the majority of her life. Maybe I'm just paranoid, I dunno.

7. Even though I put this on my previous list, I'm listing it again because I'm running out of facts and I feel VERY STRONGLY about it: I HATE MAYONNAISE. Hate, hate, hate it, as much as I hate pedophiles and murderers. MP actually LIKES the shit, I have to make her sandwiches with it, and I gag the whole time. I love my kid so much that I'll put the substance I despise most in the world within a foot of my nose just to please her. That's devotion.

8. I'm a total band groupie. Not the kind that sleeps with them though. I'm a huge fan of Charlie Robison (if you don't know him, he's a great Texas Country musician, and used to be married to Emily of the Dixie Chicks). You probably don't know who he is if you don't live in the south. Anyway, I've been on his bus a few times, and the last time just he and I hung out in the back, drinking Jaeger and smoking cigs, and talking for hours. He was awesome (and super HOT). I've also met Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed, and gotten backstage at several other concerts. Even if it's a local band playing in my favorite bar, I manage to go over there and make friends with someone in the band before the night's over. It's an addiction.

Alright, I told you I'm not that interesting. I can't think of much else... so on to the next one...

Sassy tagged me as an Over the Top blogger - thanks, dude! Here are the rules for the Over The Top Award:

USE ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not as easy as you might think. Copy and change the answers to suit yourself and pass it on. It’s really hard to use only one-word answers so try your best.
Tag 6 other bloggers and let them know that you think they are 'Over the Top'!

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk.
2.Your hair? Ponytail.
3. Your mother? Talkative.
4. Your father? Generous.
5. Your favorite food? Cajun.
6. Your dream last night? Sad.
7. Your favorite drink? Whiskey.
8. Your dream/goal? Happiness.
9. What room are you in? Office.
10. Your hobby? Cooking.
11. Your fear? Hurt.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy.
13. Where were you last night? Home.
14. Something that you aren’t? Rich.
15. Muffins? Blueberry.
16. Wish list item? Lasik.
17. Where did you grow up? Orange.
18. Last thing you did? Procrastinated.
19. What are you wearing? Sweater.
20. Your TV? Average.
21. Your pets? Nonexistent.
22. Friends? Loved.
23. Your life? Stressful.
24. Your mood? Complacent.
25. Missing someone? Jered.
26. Vehicle? SUV.
27. Something you’re not wearing? Watch.
28. Your favorite store? Forever21.
29. Your favorite color? Pink.
30. When was the last time you laughed? Earlier.
31. Last time you cried? Today.
32. Your best friend? Amber.
33. One place that I go to over and over? Work.
34. One person who emails me regularly? Kristin.
35. Favorite place to eat? Outback.

Sooo here are the people I'm tagging. You can do one, both, or neither. I won't be offended.

1. Kayleigh at

2. Megan at

3. Crystal at

4. Sassy (do the first one, since you tagged me for the second one) :)

5. Courtney at

6. Spot at

7. Calico at

Sorry if I missed anybody... I gotta get back to work!


Spot said...

Thank you Amber!! This is my very first award, which could be the reason that I jumped up and down screaming "yes! yes! yes!". True story. I'm that damn easy to please. =]

Thank you again and I did enjoy your answers and getting to know you better. The date thing is hilarious. That's how I remember that stuff too, by picturing what I did that day. But the fact that you remember when Sassy started her period cracks me up. Maybe she got pregnant at her husbands bday party (well, after everyone left of course)?


calicobebop said...

Thanks!! And lol at your crush on Jordon Knight. I was in love with him for a few years, but it faded. Clearly it wasn't meant to be. HA!

Also, I have the same fear for my daughter. Here's hoping we both pull it off!!

Crystal said...

You met Charlie Robison and you didn't even tell me????
I need details dude.

Amber D. said...

Spot - glad I made your day, darlin!! Read yours this morning, and it was very interesting!

Calico - as long as our kiddos don't end up in jail, I'll consider it a success!

Crystal - yeah, it was pretty awesome. We talked about the famous people he'd dated, and here's a fun fact - he dated Julia Roberts for a while, and he said she was horrible in bed. How much better does that make you feel!?

Anonymous said...

WOW - so cool. Thank you!!!

Kris said...

I loved NKOTB growing up! It was my first concert and I had my room covered in their posters.

I got to see them at the begining of the summer and it was AWESOME!

I was raised by a single mother and I turned out just fine. My mom is my hero, I think your daughter will think the same when she's all grown up!

MDubs said...

You are the bestest (yes I realize that's not a word grammar nazi). :) Thanks for the award. Oh God the pressure!!! I hope I don't disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have some bad news for you re: Jordan Knight, but I'll try to let you down easy.

I have actually met Jordan and his mother several times at his mother's home. They are extremely nice; they were clients of mine for a time years ago (before I started my own business and left their area). Jordan is very kind to his mother and cute besides BUT, alas, you are not his type. He likes men.

Sorry. In this case, the rumor mill is accurate.

Anonymous said...

Me again - the bubble-burster. I checked with a former co-worker and she thinks it's the other brother who is gay. Entirely possible, as I easily confuse faces and names. If Jordan is straight, continue lusting to your heart's content. Very nice family nonetheless.

Amber D. said...

Anonymous - Yes, it's Jonathan, Jordan's brother that's gay. Jordan's married with two kids, therefore still unattainable (like I could have him if he was single!? haha), but he is definitely straight. I know my NKOTB bidness.