Thursday, October 29, 2009

Concertgoing, run-in with the ex, and Halloween post all crammed in one!

Last Saturday my brother and I met some friends at Ziegfest, an annual Texas country music festival that's held here in H-town. It starts around 2ish in the afternoon, and there are two stages and about 8-10 bands or so. We got there around 4:30 and staked out some grass (not drug-grass, people... that's not my thing) to post up and listen to some good music. Here's some pictures from the fun day/night:

Here's a shot of a friend and I from the beginning of the day, obviously...

My bro and I, a little later.

Group shot as the sun was going down, the beers were flowing, and the coldness was beginning.

Some of the dead soldiers, as we like to call them. I tried to make a pyramid. The one I made at the end of the night was phenomenal.

Sun's down, my friend is slightly inebriated by this point.

My bro and I again. We smuggled some vodka in, but had no mixers... I went to find some Sprite but the line was a mile long, so I found a sno-cone stand. Nobody was there because it was freezing, so I just got a couple of extra cups and we made strawberry vodka slushies. I'm pretty resourceful. You can see the evidence on my brother's tongue.

We were giggly dancing here.

Rockin' out to Cross Canadian Ragweed. Love them!!

After the concert ended around 11:00 we went to a bar... we walk in, and I immediately spot the ex boyfriend. I couldn't turn around and walk out at that point, so I had to stay and suffer through the misery of being in the same place as him until the bar closed. We just ignored each other, but it was like there was a huge pink furry elephant with neon lights on it in the room the whole time for everyone else that was there. I think I did pretty well by not freaking out or crying or anything, but it still sucks really bad. I wish I could just get over him!

All in all though, it was a really fun day/night. My brother and I are happiest when we're at concerts, so it was nice to get to spend some time with him in our favorite element.

This weekend MP and I are going back to my hometown so I can take her trick or treating with my parents in their neighborhood. I'm still not sure if I'm going to do the whole dressing up and going out thing this year... normally I'll have my costume ready to go weeks in advance, but I'm not feeling so hot on the 'ol body image right now, and am not in the mood to dress like a skank and go to a bar. Who knows though, I may change my mind. Hope you all have a fab (and SAFE!) Halloween weekend!


Spot said...

Love the pics!!! You look fabulous so I don't really know where the whole down on your body image right now fits in...because if I looked like you I would for sure be wearing a skanky halloween costume. Go for it girl!

Congrats for not flipping out about the ex! You are doing well if you can "put the ignore" on him while drinking.

Have a good halloween,

calicobebop said...

Pics are fantastic! I love the progression into the night. Looks like a whole lot of fun.

One of my worst fears is running into the guy who broke my heart six years ago. Some people are just tough to get over. Sounds like you're doing better than I would have.

Have a great Halloween!!