Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photo post.

So my friend sent me some of her pictures from the river. Too lazy to write a post, so pictures will have to do since I've had a couple of requests for them. :)

Here's me and TM on our first night there. We took the no makeup rule very seriously. (That's BF's best friend behind us, being an ass as usual).

We got ahold of a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill, and passed it around until it was gone...took us a grand total of about three minutes. We insisted on doing it as a throwback to our high school days. Our 16 year old selves would have been proud.

We had to start the mornings off with flip cup games, to get rid of the hangovers we had from the night before. Hair of the dog, I guess you could say. **Oh, and that's my brother's date (who I got in a fight with), standing next to me. I guess we got over it.**

Someone threw my brother's shirt in the tree, so the girls took it upon ourselves to pull out old cheerleading stunts. On a hill. After we had been drinking. No idea how someone didn't end up hurt.

Here's me and BF at the concert. This was his hungover day, but he managed to almost smile. That's better than he normally does.

Here's my Friday afternoon downward-spiral-inducing keg stand. This is where all the bad stuff started. If only I knew then, I would have never done this!


Candice said...

You party animal you!

Your brothers gf looks sort of like a ho. I can see why you wanted to beat the shit out of her.

Amber D. said...

DOESN'T SHE!!?? Just to clarify, she's not his girlfriend... he clearly read her well, and knew she was the type to give it up easily.

calicobebop said...

Oh my lord, you are totally giving me some flashbacks here...

That cheerleading picture slays me! Shirt-rescuing-cheer-stand!