Friday, March 20, 2009

Miss Priss Withdrawls - and a little ranting.

I'm having serious cuddlebug withdrawls. I need my little one back, stat! Her dad lives three hours away from here, and during her spring break she went to stay with him. She's been gone since last Friday, and won't be back until tomorrow night or Sunday. I should be used to this, for her whole life whenever she'd go to her daddy's she would stay at least 4 days, sometimes up to 2 weeks, because he rarely got her and I would let her stay a little longer. Now that she's in school though, she obviously can't go as often. I'm not driving an hour and a half to meet on a Friday night just to turn around Sunday morning to do the same thing. He never calls and asks to get her anyway, so this works out for all involved (except probably the most important person involved, MISS PRISS). I'm just so happy that MP doesn't seem to realize the lack of communication on her dad's part...yet. I'm sure it will happen in the next few years, and when that day comes I know that I can say I've done everything that I could to make him part of her life. I think she'll figure everything out on her own, and it makes me unbelievably sad to think of her being hurt. But it's his loss... he's the one losing out on daily recounts of what happened at school, how her friends are, what she's learning, and even how her birthday was. Yeah, he didn't even call her last year on her birthday, actually nobody from his family did. I cried for her, even though she didn't realize he hadn't called. And when she did ask me why her dad didn't call her on her birthday a few days later, I lied for her dad and said he did but I forgot to tell her. I won't be doing that again. I understand he's got a wife and two kids in San Antonio with him, but he constantly forgets about his first born baby girl, and soon she'll be in the know enough to not want anything to do with him. Again... his loss. I just can't imagine NOT wanting to spend every second with this precious girl!

Enough of the ranting... it's Friday! Two days of weekend coming up, yay!

**UPDATE, 1 hour after posting: texted babydaddy's wife (the only one I communicate with, funny huh... I never even talk to him about arrangements anymore because he doesn't have his shit together); trying to find out when the hell I can get her back bc they never responded before... she asks if we can do it Sunday because babydaddy has been out of town all week for training in my hometown. WHAT.THE.FUCK. Why the hell did MP even go then? Mood: back to pissed off. It will be a long ass time before I let her go again... turns out she was at a babysitter's house for the whole week. She could have done that here. On the bright side, babydaddy finally got a job after 5 years so maybe my child support can return to consistent instead of wondering when and if I'm going to get it...

OK, think I'm really done now. At least I hope so.


calicobebop said...

WEEKEND! Whew, it's been a long week for me too - but not as long as yours with no Miss Priss!

Incidentally, Muffin's dad still hasn't called about this weekend's visit so I think it's been canceled? Baby Daddys suck.

calicobebop said...

Seriously? At the sitter's house? When she could have been with you? What is this - some kind of power trip on his part?

Oh yeah, and good luck with child support. I rarely see mine either. Jerks.

Amber D. said...

Yes, it's a whose-dick-is-bigger contest, and he's sick of me winning. I don't even have one, obviously, but I can tell you mine's bigger than his.

Mary said...

oh my god- I just jumped here from calico's blog...and my what similar lives we all have...I'm just a few years ahead of you both :)
I cannot believe he's been gone all week- what a jerk!
But I will say from experience...its better to not cover for him- and better to never beat him down in front of her. Just be honest and say I don't know why daddy's didn't call on your b-day and sympathize. That's about all you can do. Kids catch on quickly enough and make their own judgements...and she'll know you're the one who has always been there for her and been honest with her.
Last year for the twins 17th birthday he only called one of them- Sam. Poor Grace is still so hurt and heart broken that I don't know if she'll get over it (he called on their cells, in case you wonder how he could only call one).

calicobebop said...

Why, oh why must they all be jackasses? *sigh* At least you have a great boyfriend now!

Samsmama said...

Ugh! My heart broke a little when I read this! My kiddo's dad takes him whenever he can (and lives close) and Sam always wants to go. In fact, it breaks my heart when he's in tears about not wanting to leave daddy. What just KILLS ME is that my ex is so ignorant and bitter he will not speak to me or even make eye contact with my husband. And THAT is what my kid is going to pick up on, real close.

But to take your baby and then be gone all week? I'm just shaking my head right now.

Sassy Pants said...

Douchebaggery at it's finest.