Thursday, February 26, 2009

IM conversation of the day

TM and I work for a company who has interoffice IM capabilities... great if you need to find something out quickly without waiting on an email or actually talking to a person, but bad if you and your best friend work at the same job. We are on it all day long.

Below is part of a conversation we've had today...

**BACKSTORY: We live in Houston, and today the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is opening. There are people who trek here on their horses, in wagons and shit, from all over the state and even lots of other states, to go to the rodeo. We also work in a place referred to as "Gunspoint" because of all the minority crime. There have been multiple shootings since we've worked here, all within a 1/2 mile radius.

Me... the trail riders are going down Greenspoint Dr. right now
TM... cool
Me... the neighborhood peeps here aren't going to know what the hell is goings on
Me... I think they're camping out at Greenspoint mall
Me... hope they brought their trusty rifles, and if they're BBQing they better watch their back
TM... OMG are they crazy?
Me... yeah I know
Me... I see a bunch of trailers over there
TM... I wonder why on earth they picked that spot?
Me... Um, to make it more like the Wild Wild West, with shootouts and bandits and all?
TM... ohhh, right
Me... I'd like to walk over there and ask if 2 weeks on the friggin "Oregon Trail" has made them crazy enough to stop here and set up camp
Me... And if riding a horse down I-10 is anything like our ancestors had to go through

... Ten minutes later ...

TM... I'm bored
Me... um yeah, uh huh me too
Me... let's go jack with the chuck wagon gang over at the mall

TM... wait, would that mean we'd have to *walk* over there?
Me... well they *rode in a wagon* or *on a horse*
TM... hmm
Me... I'll take walking over misaligning my spine.
TM... I'm just not willing to put my life at risk
Me... this is true
TM... it's hard enough for me to get from the bldg to the garage
TM... AND down a flight of stairs
Me... I'd hate to have on my grave marker "She died surrounded by cowboys and cowgirls in a blaze of gang fight gunfire"

Yep, my friends, just another day at the office...

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Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

dude, i have IM capabilities within my company, too, but my BFF at work is on maternity leave until mid-march, so have to settle for the wipe-my-ass consultants on IM.

but this shit is funny, yo! can you imagine how fucking hard the IT peeps (behind the scenes) are laughing at this shit? because i'm laughing really hard and i'm not involved in it AT.ALL.