Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This is gonna be the most boring post EVER. Don't say I didn't warn you. Here's what my weekend entailed:

Friday - picked up MP from school and drove to my parents' house two hours away. Ate dinner, watched some TV with the 'rents, and went to bed by 8:30.

Saturday - woke up around 8:30, took my car to get the oil changed, swung by my grandma's to help her upload a picture to her Facebook (yeah, I know), then back home. Made homemade spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, watched some college football with my dad, and watched Flashdance until I was tired and went to bed.

Sunday - woke up around 8:00, watched the Parent Trap with MP. My friend called and I went out on the river with her and her fiance' that afternoon to go crabbing and fishing. We ended up getting about 28 crabs, with no net (guess what has two thumbs and was supposed to bring the nets?? This girl.) so that was pretty impressive. It was a fun time though... Had a few beers, and with the combination of that and the sun I was dog tired. Got home and took a shower, had some ribs and sausage my daddy grilled, watched some more college football, then went to bed. At 8:00.

Monday - woke up at 9:00, then MP and I met my grandma at this nature reserve in town. Walked a mile or so looking at plants and flowers (so not my thing, but my grandma enjoyed it, and I enjoy spending time with her). Went back to my parents, took a quick nap, then back on the road to Houston. Stopped by Sassypants' house to have dinner (she made some enchiladas that were the bomb.com). Got home around 8:00, put MP to bed, unloaded the car, and hit the sack by 9.

I'm pretty shocked I didn't go out and do ANYTHING the whole time I was there. I had three nights to go out, a free in-house babysitter, and Louisiana with it's 24 hour a day bars 5 minutes away. There really wasn't anyone in town that I wanted to hang out with except for the friend I went out on the river with, and she didn't want to go out, so I guess that's my excuse. Or I'm just getting old. Please, say it isn't so...

Now, I didn't do SHIT all weekend... why am I so tired today?


Candice said...

I'm fairly certain you accomplished more than I did.

Now who's pathetic?

Anonymous said...

I (sadly for me I think) am SUPER jealous of your relaxing weekend.