Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Recap, Part 1

Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. The holidays wore me out, yo. I went back home to the small town I'm from, and brought BF with me, since this year MP was at her dad's house. I hate sharing. Especially my kid. Especially on holidays. Regardless, I had to do it (because the law says I do), so I brought BF with me as some sort of a replacement so I wasn't so sad. I just really ended up drinking my sorrows away, but it seemed to work. A quick recap of the holiday events:

Christmas Eve at my dad's parents was BRUTAL. Everyone (or my grandparents and aunt and cousins) just sat around talking about their sicknesses like they were in a competition and had to one up each other. "Oh, I have a bad cough." "Oh yeah? I'll take your cough and raise you a bad back." I think the winner was my aunt who has something the doctors can't figure out. Anyway, needless to say I started drinking the Miller Lite before I got over there, and switched to whiskey before we left so I wouldn't rip someone's head off.

I actually made it to my mom's mom's house afterwards this year, instead of going home like I normally do to wrap presents. BF, me, and my brother were now all switched over from beer to whiskey so it was way fun by then. I couldn't find BF for the longest time, so I went searching for him... and found him in the back living room with my mom, aunt, and grandma DOING A PUZZLE. Like a little girl!! I made fun of him relentlessly, as I had just left the front living room where everyone was watching football like they should, and found him poring over the damn puzzle pieces, happy as can be. His only response was, "I like puzzles." No argument, defending of his manhood, nothing. It was hilarious. Here's the proof:

You like how he's wearing the Tool t-shirt (a Christmas present from me, BTW) in the presence of two 50-something and one 70-something women? This picture will be printed out and framed in my living room.

I know you're probably wondering if I put my foot down on the wrapping of gifts and Waffle House run. The answer to both of those is, well I tried. I don't want to get into all the details, but I ended up losing on both accounts. I just can't say no. I'm a pansy.

BUT I did manage to not do the baby Jesus!! Oh yeah. Me and my brother tag teamed my grandma and convinced her it was ridiculous for grown adults to be doing this after 20-something years. We paid our dues. She only protested a couple of times, but ended up conceding. Score 1 for me.

Christmas night was way fun, I met up with about 20-30 of my friends and we went out to a bar. We never all get together anymore, because we're scattered around Texas, so the holidays are pretty much the only time it happens. BF was pretty hammered by midnight or so (we'd been drinking at the family Christmas stuff for about 8 hours already), but I was shaking my booty with my old friends and didn't want to leave. In fact, I was making plans with a couple other couples (ok, drunks) to hit up a hole in the wall bar in Louisiana after we left the place we were at. (FYI, my hometown is on the border of Texas and Louisiana. Any after 1:00AM beer runs are super easy, as LA sells beer and liquor in the gas stations 24-7. AND we have a little bar we frequent that stays open 24-7 as well. It's awesome.) Anyway, BF finally convinced me with his glaring stare and raised middle finger (just kidding) that I needed to leave. The next day's hangover sucked pretty bad, so I guess it was good he made me get outta there...

That's all for now... I'll post later with my New Year's trip to New Orleans. It's still too soon to re-visit those memories right now. Back to my bed to recover.

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Sassy Pants said...

"Me and my brother tag teamed my gma"...."I didn't have to do baby jesus"....

Hi, I'm 12 and can't stop laughing.