Friday, December 18, 2009

Quote of the day

"I can't believe you made me turn off Mmm Bop to listen to New Kids on the Block!"

From my brother, tonight.

He came in town to hang out with me, since MP's grounded (AGAIN. She just can't keep her yap shut in class. Her words, not mine.) and our plans to go to Sassy's house had to get cancelled.

We were playing our favorite drinking game, which is switching between the music channels on cable to see who could name the artist first without looking at the screen. Bonus points if you can name both artist and song. We were switching between 80's and 90's channels, and Hanson was on first (which he got right off the bat...embarrassing for a 27 year old hetero dude), so I switched to 80's and got the first words of NKOTB because they're my favorite, and he said the above sentence. I made him listen to the rest of "Didn't I Blow Your Mind (This Time)", and he got angry.

Guess Hanson's less gay?? DOUBT IT.

I love my brother.


Erin Jeannine said...

If I wasn't already married, I might be moving to Texas to marry your brother. A man who even knows Mmmm Bop and NKOTB is a CATCH! He doesn't even have to like it; there are points for just recognizing those songs. Gay? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. (Knowing the songs, not your brother. Although he's for sure awesome.)

Amber D. said...

Yes, Erin, he's definitely awesome. Thanks for recognizing! Proud to say he's my best friend in the world. :)