Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some pics from the Aerosmith/ZZ Top concert

Since we were way, way, WAY back on the lawn, I have no good pics of the bands... But here are some with the group, the beards, and a great glimpse of my awesome orange cast.

Me, my brother, and his best friend doing the ZZ pose (well, they're doing it, I'm trying with the cast...):

Waiting on the concert to start:

Me and Justin, aka QB, or Bizzle:

My brother, me, and QB:

Dancing to ZZ Top:

And here are me and Paula with the beards on. Just call me Billy F. Gibbons.


Samsmama said...

Sometimes the lawn is the best place to be, in my experience. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Still waiting to hear how you came about having that dead sexy cast...

calicobebop said...

SWEET! Looks like you had a blast!! Tell me you have a fabulous story about meeting the band back stage and getting fabulously drunk with famous people! :) Love the pictures, so glad you had a great time!