Thursday, April 2, 2009

The week in stressful events, so far...

I know I've been neglectful of my blog, but let me give you a quick rundown of my week thus far:

Monday - Get to work, and realize that the day of vacation I used Friday for my kiddo's birthday ensures that people will inevitably have fifty bajillion urgent things on my desk and in my email when I return. Go home, find that the puppy has escaped the barricaded kitchen and shit in my living room. Feed kid and dog, bathe kid, and all in bed by 8:30.

Tuesday - Get to work with same shitstorm as day before, since with my actual body in the office they can come in and bark orders at me instead of wasting precious time writing an email. Leave to pick up kiddo to go to the dentist. Said dentist takes over two hours for both of us. Feed the kid, drop her back at school, then go home and clean (because there's no way I'm driving all the way back to work for only 30 minutes of work). Jail-escaping puppy has upped shit pile count to two. Dinner at BF's house, home, bathe kiddo, everyone in bed by 9.

Wednesday - Didn't start out bad at all... had an offsite teambuilding event where we went to College Station, TX to the George Bush Library (eh, it was okay), to lunch at a nice restaurant, then to ...get this... a WINERY. And we got to DRINK (well, taste) some. When I got home is when trouble started... puppy escaped AGAIN (yes, I realize I'm the one who's an idiot and not learning my lesson), two piles of shit again, hyper kid who won't listen is running around like a heathen and lets puppy out of the front door, I have to chase it, some Mexican is at my door trying to see if he can mow my lawn, all while BF is on the phone telling me to calm down and go drink a beer for Godsakes. Screw the bath tonight and everybody in bed by 8. Wake up at 3:00AM to puke. No idea why. But that's always fun. (totally kidding)

Thursday (so far) - Wake up to be at work by 6:30, have 4 visas and 5 expense reports to do on top of the other crap that's still piled up from earlier in the week. Boss makes me run and buy 11 $100 AMEX gift cards for employee recognition (yes, I realize that's $1100. None for me though). Stop by TM's house to bring her and her little one lunch (she was working from home and I needed a little TM in my day). Get back to work, resume churning out work requests, and prepare for the banquet our group is having tonight. 250+ people, dinner, etc. with a lot of boring presentations...and I can't get out of it. So I won't get home until about 9. At least I get to drink. And at least BF is picking up MP and basically running my house for me until I get there. I'll have to thank him properly, if I'm not too tired. :)

This, my friends, should sum up why exactly I titled my blog what I did.

Okay, off to the hotel to get stuff ready for the banquet... And following in the footsteps of Calicobebop, I will not bitch ANY MORE THIS WEEK and will promise a happy and thankful post next time. :)


Samsmama said...

What? No pile of shit on the floor today? I was looking forward to it. Oh, well, it's early.

Get your drink on, lady!

Linda said...

Two words. Dog Crate. Works like a charm! Helps with the piles in the early stages and then with the bored chewing stage that comes shortly there after. Once you're through those you can yard sale the thing. Here's to TGIF and no piles on the carpet.

Candice said...

Your dog sure does shit alot. You should really reconsider feeding that thing. ;)

Crystal said...

i wonder if you can litter box train dogs.

that would be awesome. i wonder if they would eat their own poop like they eat cat poop. i think the litter is the appealing almond rocha(sp?) or something.

Crystal said...

did you notice that i was just talking about the most appealing parts of catshit?

i am a sad human being.