Monday, November 23, 2009

The bitch is back.

So. This one's gonna be another bitter Betty bitching post, so if you're looking for funny I can't help you out. I had a whole post planned out that I was gonna do this week, but then Friday happened.

If you are sick of me whining about the ex, I completely understand and won't be offended if you skip this post and come back later when I'm in a funny mood.

So. Friday. My friend Sarah and I met my brother and his date at my favorite bar. I was happy because I hadn't gotten out in a while, and my cousin had called me that day to see if she could get MP for the weekend. Anyway, we were having a good time, listening to the band and stuff, and then I see exBF's sister walk in. I waved at her and she came over to give me a hug, and I chatted with her for a sec until I realized her brother and a friend of mine were with her. This wasn't weird, as the girl is the person who owned the house I moved out of this summer, and her and exBF's sister live down the street from each other and know each other. I gave her a hug too, and said hello, but she was acting weird. I asked exBF's sister if they were on a date or something, and she said of course not, no way. Cool. Still awkward that he's at this bar, but I can deal with it.

Later we leave and go to another bar and then back to my house to hang out and drink. I mention how weird it was to see Jered (exBF's name, guess he doesn't need to be anonymous anymore. Want his SSN?) at that bar, since he kinda knows that's my turf and I go there a lot. Then my brother says, "Oh yeah, when I saw him a few weeks ago he asked how you were, and told me he was seeing her."

Picture now, my jaw dropping on the floor.

Silence for 10 seconds, then I manage to squeak out, "WHAT???"

He can clearly tell that his size 14 foot is snugly inserted in his mouth and says "Well I just thought you should know!"

Now, I would have lost my shit even if I was sober, but I had been drinking and took about 5 shots after I saw Jered at the bar (to numb the pain), and this was definitely not a good time to tell me. I ran into my bedroom and started bawling, and I know my brother felt like a POS.

Anyway. Next day. I text Jered, first time since we broke up, and ask him if he is seriously dating her. He says he is, for about a week now. Then he called me, but that conversation was pretty much him defending the whore and saying how uncomfortable she was and how it's weird for him to be sleeping in the same house that he used to go see me at. I said, well, at least you know where the bathroom's at so you can wipe your dick off after you bang her in my old bedroom. Juvenile, I know. But I am extremely snarky and rude when I've been crossed.

So there's more. The girl (her name is now Firecrotch Slut, or FS for short) had asked me since the first day I knew her if I had any single guy friends to hook her up with. I saw her two months ago at a bar, and she said how desperate she was to find a boyfriend, and would I go troll the bar with her? I half-jokingly said, "I will, but please just don't ever go after Jered" where she responded, "Oh hell no, we're friends! Girls don't do that to each other, and I don't like him anyway".

FS had a relationship with a married man for a year and a half. I shouldn't be surprised that she will go against girl code and date someone I truly loved, because if a person will sleep with a married man and have no regrets about the morality of that, she'll fuck over a friend as well.

This morning I posted "guess I shouldn't be surprised when a person who I considered a friend is dating my ex... she dated a married man, clearly boundaries don't exist." as my facebook status. (I told you, snarky, mean, catty when I'm pissed. You can throw in juvenile and high-school-malicious too I guess. At least I realize it.) Within ten minutes I get a text from Jered asking me to take down that status update, and to leave her out of this, it's between he and I.

He's got to be ten kinds of crazy to think that I'm taking that status down. I think it's funny. I'm not doing it to get sympathy comments, I'm doing it to be a bitch, plain and simple. I'm thinking about updating it to something like "Jered's apparently uncomfortable with me posting true facts about his new girlfriend, so here's the status change update that he requested". But I'm not gonna. I'm just gonna leave the other one up for now.

I know I've rambled, and there's still more to the story, but it does feel good to get it out and vent a little bit. I'm going to leave you with a picture of her and I when she was my "friend". You may understand my confusion as to why he'd date her after you see what she looks like.


Kris said...

WOW, I think I would have beat both their asses if I was you. AND what was up with the sister lying when you asked her if they where dating??

Sad thing; I've had this happen to me with a couple of girls I thought where my friends.

Amber D. said...

I'm honestly so thankful that I DIDN'T catch on while they were in the same building as I was. It would have been very, very ugly.

I know so many people who this has happened to as well. Why can't all the women of the world unite and freakin' go by the girl code, which is you don't date your friend's ex if they were actually in love with that person!?

Lin said...

Wow. I totally understand you posting that up on facebook, I would have done it too. When I'm pissed no one better get in my way.

I cant beleive she did that to you & I cant belive your ex is actually dating her. I dont know what she's like but she's definetely not a looker.

Linn said...

I'm such a bitch. All I can think is that if this was me. All three of them would be holding their asses right now. His sister is probably the worst of the three for lying about it.

Misty dawn said...

i hate when shit like that happens when im're better off without him girl. let the dirty butt ho' have him.

Crystal said...

That is fucked up.

Also, when you said the thing about him knowing where the bathroom was so he could wipe his dick off, I automatically dropped my jaw and then said, "burrrrrn"

That is something I would have thought to say three hours after the conversation. Way to go, dude! I admire that!

Samsmama said...

What a fucking whore! And Jered is obviously slumming it. Talk about a step (or flight of stairs) down. Now about that Social Secuity Number?

Frances Bales said...

Firecrotch Slut Bitch is ugly as hell!!! Does she follow your blog??? Did I say that out loud! Ooops!

Spot said...

Awww. Poor Amber. You are not a bitch! She is. A backstabbing one at that. This is the time when you gather your girls and bash him like there's no end in sight. And find someone better. Because you deserve it.

Another possible facebook status:
I guess desperation makes for odd bedfellows. I hope he got his shots...


calicobebop said...

Wha-damn! I agree with Spot - hope the asshole has his shots because it sounds like that whore has a history.

I am so sorry - believe it or not, nearly the exact same thing happened to me. How sad is it that so many girls in the world forsake the Rules? Seriously? How can they even look at themselve in the mirror knowing that they are backstabbing, lying pieces of trash?

Bitter, party of one - right here...

Candice said...

That's Corky's little sister isn't it?


She must suck like a Dyson and have no gag reflex. That's the only logical explanation

MDubs said...

a) we have the same title to our blog post and it wasn't intentional so I didn't steal it we just happen to have great minds that think alike
b) she is not even 1/10 as hot as you are, so I'm thoroughly confused on this situation
c) your FB status made my day
d) the comment about wiping your dick just made me spit out my water, you are HAAALARIOUS
e) HE IS AN ASSHOLE, SHE IS AN ASSHOLE, and I hope they both catch gynasphyaherpeles

Erin Jeannine said...

I know this post is totally late; I'm not sure how I missed it when you posted. First of all, if there is one thing I have learned in my life, it's that there is no girl code. It's a myth, and you just have to stick to your own morals and know that lots of bitches don't give a shit about morals. Those are the hos that will wake up one day and wonder why they have no girlfriends. Second, Jered is not dating her seriously. Unless at some point between your breakup and now he has suffered some kind of head trauma and gone blind. Third, immature as it may be, your Facebook status upset both of them, right? Then it worked. I know everyone tells you this, and that it might not seem like it now, but one day you will think about that douchebag and realize he did you a favor.

thatdudedave said...

dude is are 10 times better looking