Friday, December 12, 2008

Got a light?

So I had some time to surf the net today (obviously, since I'm blogging during work hours), and I came across a blog that really hit home to me. Matter of Fact Mommy (check her out, she's hilarious) blogged about judgemental non-smokers. This is probably my BIGGEST pet peeve in the world. I am a smoker. I like smoking, it is a filthy habit I know, but I like it. I watch the clock at work to see when TM and I can go break. I cannot fathom having a beer without smoking. To me it's like the peanut butter to my jelly. Anyway. Hope I don't offend any non smokers out there (actually, I really don't care, since non smokers...judgemental ones at least... don't mind offending me) but I don't see how it is any way, at ALL, socially acceptable for you to say something about me smoking. Especially if you are a total and complete stranger!! I mean, can you imagine the HORROR of me saying something to a mother whose child won't stop screaming in a restaurant, or to someone making a major fashion faux paus by wearing white after Labor Day, or to some random dude picking his nose? Okay maybe I would make a face or something, but I definitely don't think it's my place to go up to them and tell them I don't agree with their choices and then tell them in detail how stupid they are. It's just rude, plain and simple. I'm sick of being treated like a freaking outcast because I am smoking a cigarette in the SMOKING SECTION of whatever place I may be. I'm considerate, I make sure to have smoker's etiquette and not light up around children, I don't blow smoke in your face, I won't smoke (even when I'm sharing a meal with a smoker) while the other person's eating, and I'll walk a good distance away from (friendly) non-smokers so that they won't smell like a cig.

Seriously, the last straw was when TM and I were at lunch at a Mexican restaurant, sitting in the bar, aka SMOKING SECTION, and I lit up after I finished eating. A random ass dude gets up from three or four barstools down, looks at me all disgusted, points, and yells "UGH, SHE SMOKES". I swear to everything holy, TM had to restrain me. Same restaurant, different day: A patron (again in the smoking section/bar) glares at me and asks the bartender if smoking is allowed in here. Same restaurant, yet ANOTHER day (in the bar... see a pattern??): a couple behind me sitting at table make extremely rude comments in our direction and TM finally has enough... "Don't sit in the BAAAAARRR if you don't like SMOKE!!!" she sneered. Normally I'd be embarrassed of her yelling at total strangers (yes, it's not the first time) but I was proud of my girl. I'm too timid to holler at people I don't know. Anyway, I know you're probably thinking we should just change restaurants, but we're sticking to our guns. These people will NOT run us out of this awesome restaurant with the perfect portion of nachos to split, and margaritas that are the (Noooo of course we don't drink at lunch).

My advice to judgemental nonsmokers: Don't sit in a smoking section if you don't want to be around cigarettes. Simple enough for ME to understand, but it might be a little more difficult for dumbasses who need to remind you over and over that smoking causes cancer. Somewhere, villages are looking for their missing idiots.

I need a smoke now.

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